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Microarray - Technologie

... being an orderly arrangement of samples within a very small area.


In genetics, the DNA microarray has become one of the most widely integrated usage's of the microarray technology. In this process thousands of DNA sequences can be placed by robots on a substrate, generally a glass microscope slide. Many DNA spots can be arranged in an area smaller than a business card, with which tens of thousands of experiments can be conducted in a period of only two days.

All cells in the human body contain the same genetic material, although not all of these genes are active in each of those cells. In the past it was only possible to conduct such genetic analyses on a few genes at once. With the development of DNA microarray technology and the microarray microslides offered by MENZEL, it is possible to examine thousands of genes with just one test at the same time.


The following categories of microarray microscope slides are available:


Premium Select Microarray Glass:


UltraClean™ microscope slides  - These slides are suitable for your individual coatings. They are manufactured from the highest quality glass and have consistent superior surface uniformity. Therefore they assure best results within microarray applications.

ES-Glass and HD-Glass - Special surface treatments are also at your disposal.

For further information, please refer to:

SuperChip™ microscope slides with the following coatings:

- Aminosilane ( standard, ES, HD )

- Epoxy Silane ( standard, ES, HD )

- Aldehyde ( standard, ES )

- Poly-L-Lysine ( standard, ES )

Specialized coatings:

- BioGold™ microscope slides  

- reflective coatings ( e.g. aluminum coating )    


Detail information:

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions.


mBox, handle and mTub

- the next generation in microarray slide handling!


Immerse 20 slides in liquids during blocking, denaturating and post-arraying
Separates and prevents slide damage during shipping and processing
Optimally designed rack spacing for easy slide removal
Fits standard microtiter plate format for centrifuging
Manufactured to prevent slide contamination
Convenient removable handle available
Disposable tub for immersing or washing slides available - mTub


mBox-microarray slide handling without removing slides-secure, convenient and efficient.


Technical Details mBox:


Material: Polypropylene
Maximum continuous use temperature: 220°F
Melting point: 334°F


Detail Information:


Article numbers:

article number  mBOX: KBX-IM-20ERIE

article number  Metallgriff: KMS-HANDLE-20

article number  mTUB: KTR-MTUB


MSeries LifterSlip™

Solving the problem of hybridization non-uniformity.

mSeries LifterSlip™ are manufactured from 1 mm thick glass specifically drawn for flatness and superior surface quality. The 1 mm thickness has increased stiffness that reduces variation in hybridization fluid volume. Precise ink printing provides an innovative raised edge design for consistent dispersal and easy injection of hybridization solution under the pre-positioned lifterslip.

MSeries LifterSlips features:

1 mm thick glass
Uniform dispersal of hybridization solution
Reduced hybridization fluid volume variations
Superior flatness - substrate does not flex or bow
Precision-cut edges
Superior surface quality
Consistent flatness


The following standard dimensions are available:

22 x 25 mm   22X25I-M-5226

22 x 40 mm   22X40I-M-5516

22 x 50 mm   22X50I-M-5280

22 x 60 mm   22X60I-M-5522

25 x 40 mm   25X40I-M-5227

25 x 60 mm   25X60I-M-5439


Please contact us regarding specific custom sizes, bar widths and personalization.

Detail Information:


LifterSlip™ premium printed cover glass

Offers a simple solution to the problem of hybridization non-uniformity. An innovative raised edge design provides separation and allows for even dispersal of hybridization solutions between the DNA chip and coverslip.


Standard sizes available:

22 x 25 mm   22IX25-2-4635

22 x 30 mm   22X30I-2-4734

22 x 40 mm   22X40I-2-4710

22 x 50 mm   22X50I-2-4711

25 x 60 mm   25X60I-2-4789


Please contact us regarding specific custom sizes, bar widths and personalization.


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