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Diagnostic Slides

MENZEL diagnostic slides are particularly successful for two primary reasons. On the one hand, they are extremely versatile in their application because they come in 10 standard executions. Secondly, these diagnostic slides exhibit great longevity. The printed coating on Menzel diagnostic slides wears so well that they withstand test procedures without losing their water-resistant properties. Also, they stand up well to solvents and multiple treatments in sterilizers.


Comprised of extra-white glass measuring 25 x 75 x 1 mm, these slides in all styles and sizes have 90º ground edges to prevent cuts during handling. Labelling is easy with MENZEL diagnostics slides as the standard white SuperFrost® end of the slide is a perfect writing field. Another desirable element of these particular slides is MENZEL's ability to meet special requirements. Custom orders for special colors and designs are not a problem.

Many known laboratories and institutes already took the opportunity and had their custom specific diagnostic slides being designed.


Standard executions

Diagnostic Slides, 3 wells, 14 mm diameter, black

Article number for epoxy-coating: X1XER303B#

Article number for PTFE-coating :X2XER203B#


Diagnostic Slides, 8 wells, 6 mm diameter, black

Article number for epoxy-coating: X1XER301B#

Article number for PTFE-coating :X2XER201B#


Diagnostic Slides, 10 wells, 6,7 mm diameter, black

Article number for epoxy-coating: X1XER308B#

Article number for PTFE-coating : X2XER208B#


Diagnostic Slides, 1 wells, 8 mm diameter, blue

Article number for epoxy-coating: X1XER315L#

Article number for PTFE-coating : X2XER215L#


Diagnostic Slides, 12 wells, 5 mm diameter, white

Article number for epoxy-coating: X1XER302W#

Article number for PTFE-coating : X2XER202W#


Diagnostic Adhesion Slides

Another special feature offered by MENZEL diagnostic slides is the addition of the adhesion coatings used in the line of SuperFrost® or Polysine™ slides. These coatings are available on diagnostic slides with PTFE or epoxy coating. Adhesive properties of the glass slide allow tissue sections and cytological preparations to be positioned in place without the need for adding an adhesive or protein coating. MENZEL diagnostic slides with adhesion coatings are available in the standard styles: ER-301, ER-201, ER-308, ER208


Article numbers:

Article number for epoxy-coating: X4XER301B#AD1

Article number for PTFE-coating: X5XER201B#AD1

Article number for epoxy-coating: X4XER308B#AD1

Article number for PTFE-coating: X5XER208B#AD1

Micro slides for latex-coagulation


Slides for latex-coagulation 11,2 x 5,3 cm, 6 rings, black / blue

Article number: X6XER101L#



Slides for latex-coagulation 11 x 5,1 cm, 3 rings, black / yellow

Article number: X6XER102BY#


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